The Great Divide Ski Team is offering skier development program for young athletes who would like an introduction to ski racing.  The Development Program is specifically designed for advancing intermediate level skiers who have participated in the All-Mountain program and have an interest in ski racing and additional instruction.  

The Development Program is between the All Mountain Program and the Race Program in skill, commitment, and cost with the emphasis on strengthening fundamental skiing skills and the development of ski racers.     

The program is also intended to introduce the sport of ski racing to parents of prospective ski racers by providing advice and instruction on equipment, ski tuning, and on how to attend a ski racing event.  


The format will be similar to the All-Mountain program where the participants will be placed into one or possibly two groups based on age and ability. The group will ski with the same ski team coaches each week.  Additionally, the athletes will receive instruction and demonstration from the other ski team athletes and coaches.    

Time will be spent improving the athlete’s technical skiing ability through all-mountain skiing, drills, obstacle courses, and gate training.  Video analysis will also be used to evaluate the skiers and to visually demonstrate proper techniques.  Waxing and tuning clinics will be also included.


Participants and coaches will meet on December 8th (snow permitting) for “Devo Days” to introduce the program and determine if the development program is the right for your athlete.  Then the program will run on Saturdays from January 11th to March 1st from 9 am until approximately 2:30 except on race days.  

As part of the program, the athletes will have the opportunity to attend a Youth Ski League (YSL) races with their Devo Team coaches and teammates.  The race this year is at Great Divide on February 22-23 2020.  Attending the ski race is optional but is encouraged for everyone to experience the full program.    


The cost to the program is $500 not including lift tickets.  

Additionally, to attend the races a United States Ski & Snowboard Association (USSA) membership/license will be required.  The cost of a full year non-scored youth membership/license ranges from $25.00 to $80.00 depending on the athlete’s age.  USSA also offers a “short-term” membership/license for $20 or $25 depending upon age; this license will permit the athlete to compete in one USSA sanctioned event such as the race being held at the Great Divide on February 22-23 2020. This membership/license can be purchased online with the USSA at any time before the race event.    


All athletes will be required to wear helmets while participating in this program.   In addition to having a pair all-mountain ski for free skiing, we would like each athlete to have a pair of slalom or multi-event race skis for drills, coursework, and racing. Assistance will be provided in the selection of skis. Also, the ski team may have loaner skis available depending on the athlete’s size.   

More Information?

For more information, call, text, or email:

Dave Hedstrom – 202-4767